Logistics and packaging consumables

After becoming a leading transport company in Melbourne, TMS Packaging was established in 2007 after a need for a more consultative approach was required for the packaging industry. Until then, industrial packaging and warehouse supplies were an afterthought in the operation of a business. However, with careful selection of the type of product used, considerable cost savings can be achieved without any loss of quality.

Our methodology is not to simply replace product 'A' with product 'B', but rather determine how and why we capture the suitability of the way you package and present your items currently. We concentrate on assisting our clients to become more productive and efficient in their packaging habits.

We believe in a fit for purpose approach, as opposed to buying based on price alone. In most instances the better product can actually save you money.

We are able to source from a multitude of suppliers and manufacturers both locally and abroad. This enables our sales team to sell based on attributes of the product as opposed to selling the product on price. With no alliances to a particular product or wholesale supplier, and with bases throughout Australia including Melbourne and Sydney, you can be assured the packaging supplies we recommend are the best fit for your operation without bias.

Inevitably, packaging will save your business money, through better protection of freight, minimising the cost of replacement goods as a result of damages and making your products more identifiable when travelling through the industrial transport network.


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We are currently constructing our eCommerce platform with complete end to end online ordering and purchasing of your products.


Stay tuned to find out more.